Game Boy (1990) System Review

Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

The 90’s are a decade of years that will always be fondly remembered for the good and the bad.  While the mechanical advances in the car industry were something to be ignored, technological advances in the toy arena were bringing up a whole new set of kids that were ready for the future.  Furbies that could communicate with each other, Tamagochis that needed to be cared for around the clock, and easy bake ovens that made real confections were just some of the fond memories that made being a 90’s kid special.  By 1989 Nintendo was ready to get in on the action with a handheld video game system that would sweep the nation for literally decades to come.  Enter, the original Game Boy: Continue reading Game Boy (1990) System Review


The Coin-Op Question: Are You Looking Forward To Rogue One?

Today we were treated to a Teaser from “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”.  What did you all think about this? Continue reading The Coin-Op Question: Are You Looking Forward To Rogue One?

The Division Review: Quarantined Combat

Real Talk By: KJ

You control a custom Division agent sent by the government to clean up messes quickly and efficiently.  A virus released into the city of New York, causing a mass quarantine.  Various audio and video logs found help the player get a better grasp on the situation.  However, many could be considered throwaway.  Continue reading The Division Review: Quarantined Combat

Pokken Tournament From a Fan’s Perspective


Now I take a look at the newest video game in the Pokémon series.  Does it hold up after all this hype? Lets find out!  Check out KJ’s review for extra Pokken coverage . Continue reading Pokken Tournament From a Fan’s Perspective

Luigi Joins The Cast of ‘Ghostbusters’


The Ghostbusters Reboot has received some backlash.  This hasn’t gone unnoticed.  Sony Pictures has announced a short-term deal with Nintendo to combat the harsh criticisms.  This will bring Luigi into the fold.  Continue reading Luigi Joins The Cast of ‘Ghostbusters’

Hulu to Stream New Marvel Shows

Similar to the Netflix deal, Hulu will receive four shows of its own.  All will stay true to the MCU format.  Everything is connected.  Introducing Marvel’s Squirrel Girl & Doop, The Great Lakes Avengers, Sauron In The City, and Uncle Ben.  Peter Parker’s legendary father figure is leading the charge in 2017. Continue reading Hulu to Stream New Marvel Shows

Top 10 Multiplayer SNES Games

Real Talk by: Rickayyyyy

When most players think of SNES games, they rarely think of the multiplayer games.  Most think of the platformers, RPGs, and variety of great single player games.  People think of the N64 when they think of multiplayer and Nintendo.  However, there are way more games for the SNES than N64.  Though there’s a smaller percent of multiplayer games for the SNES, the fact there are more games for the SNES means there are plenty of good multiplayer games, some are just really obscure.  There are a lot of great 2 player games, but also there are several great 3-4 player games you can play with the multitap.  You shouldn’t think of using a multitap as a pipe dream, if you just go on Amazon you can get one for 40 bucks easily.  So here’s a list of my 10 favorite multiplayer SNES games: Continue reading Top 10 Multiplayer SNES Games