Mission 3 is Back. Check out The latest episode NOW!

The Mission 3 Podcast is BACK! Join Koerri Elijah, Uriah and Brian for the kick off of Season 2!

Mission 1: Comic Zone!

1-1: Rise of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Thoughts

1-2: Batman Ninja Review

1-3: Marvel Cinematic Universe: Where do we go next?

Mission 2: Game of The Year Contenders?

2-1: Red Dead Redemption 2 thoughts

2-2: God of War

Mission 3: Gaming Genres

3-1 The importance of Single Player Games

3-2 Is it The year of Battle Royale?


Is Star Fox Grand Prix Real?

Play Legit’s Mission 3 Team ponders if all the current news on a suspected Star Fox racing game is real or not.  Do you believe?

A Way Out Review: Busting Loose

Real Talk By: KJ

Escapist adventure A Way Out presents a Story-focused experience.  Main Characters (Leo and Vincent) have been locked-down.  These two are fueled by a similar goal of revenge.  How will things play out? Continue reading A Way Out Review: Busting Loose

Black Review


Real Talk By: KJ

It was surprising Criterion Games took a break from The Burnout Franchise, especially considering how popular the series was.  The team would now give the FPS world a go.  Introducing: Black (2006) Continue reading Black Review

Nintendo Announces Switch Online!

Are you satisfied with everything $19.99 a year gets you? What games should be added to the membership list? Continue reading Nintendo Announces Switch Online!

Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation Review

Real Talk By: Haggy

I was a bit intrigued when looking into this game.  The developers (Suncrash) were a group I hadn’t heard from before, but the game concept was pretty enthralling.  Continue reading Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation Review

Custom Robo Retro Review: Gundam Vibes

Real Talk By: Haggy

I am finally back after a massive hiatus of me getting my life in order.  As such, a good way I felt to get back into the Play Legit Way is to pick up an older game I played a ton of back in my day, and see how it stacks up.  Continue reading Custom Robo Retro Review: Gundam Vibes