The Order: 1886 Video Review: Blockbuster Potential

I tackle the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive & determine why it’s been getting mixed feedback.  Could Ready At Dawn get the job done? We bring you The Order: 1886 Video Review. Continue reading “The Order: 1886 Video Review: Blockbuster Potential”

Sunset Overdrive Video Review: Awesome Indeed (XO)

KJ gives his take on the “Awesomepocalypse“. Is this Xbox One Exclusive just what the system needed, or a little too insane for its own good. We break down the Gameplay, Graphics, and more inside our Video Review of Sunset Overdrive. (more…)

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Video Review: Orcs Will Rise (PS4, XO)

Shadow of Mordor was a game that arrived slightly under the radar. This Lord of The Rings spin-off includes fresh visuals, and a familiar control method. An Orc leveling system was brought to the title that could be a genre-changing feature. Was the development team able to blend borrowed styles with their own? (more…)