Justice League Movie: A Critical Review

*This review contains mild spoilers*

DC comics and their characters have dominated non-comic book adaptations of their characters for most of comic book and media history. If you really look back, the Christopher Reeve Superman films from the mid 70’s to early 80’s were considered to be the birth of modern superhero films. Before that, you had the very popular Lynda Carter Wonder Woman TV show in the early 70’s, and the Adam West Batman in the 1960’s, and popular movie serial adaptations of DC characters both in cartoon and live action that were shown in theatres as far back as the 1930’s, when these characters were new creations. Marvel Comics has always tried it’s hand at live action adaptations here and there, there was a serial of Captain America movies in the 1930’s as well as live action attempts at him, Spider-Man, and even Dr.Strange in the early 70’s to mid-80’s, with the most successful live action Marvel adaptation of any of their characters being The Incredible Hulk in the 1980’s with Lou Ferrigno and Bill Bixby. After that, Marvel really was suppressed until the late 90’s/early 00’s with the first Spider-Man and X-Men films. DC has had many more popular representations and chances to adapt their characters…until Iron Man came out in 2008 and started the end of their reign in live action. The DC “Extended Universe” and its attempt to bring the Justice League to live action, very similar to Marvel’s plan with The Avengers (except with a lot less effort and planning) goes about as well as you might think.

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Thor Ragnarok: A Review

The Marvel Cinematic Universe now spans 17 movies, almost 2 for every year it’s started. So while I have some nits to pick about Thor: Ragnarok, just remember, any franchise that can still make even decent to okay films after 17 installments is worth some praise, regardless of mis-steps and goofs here and there.

In that large list of films, Chris Hemsworth has played Thor 5 times, which is still a lot of appearances for a single character in feature films, and I’ve always said, he is to Thor Odinson what Christopher Reeves is to Superman. Other actors might go on to play the character, but at this point, Hemsworth IS the character. Big difference.


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The Mummy Demastered: A Welcome Suprise

The Mummy: Demastered is so much better than it deserves to be. The game is a tie-in to Universal’s The Mummy and given the film’s poor reviews I didn’t expect much from anything associated with it. But the moment the chiptune title music and pixelated Universal logo appeared I knew something didn’t quite fit with my expectations.

Developed by WayForward (The same company known for the Shantae series), The Mummy: Demastered takes a bold step and immediately throws the player into a Metroidvania map filled with locations from the film. You’ll also recognize the title villain Ahmanet and Russel Crowe’s pixelated likeness, but that’s where the film similarities end. Instead of playing Tom Cruise’s character you play a disposable grunt sent to clean up the undead menace plaguing London.

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Jackie Chan’s The Foreigner Movie Review

At age 63, Jackie Chan has been through a lot. I’m personally a huge fan of who my father affectionately called “The Chan Man” back in the 90’s, when Dimension Films got ahold of the catalog of his older stuff and started releasing films like “Mr.Nice Guy”, “Twin Dragons”, “Jackie Chan’s First Strike”, and more. After success with “Rumble in the Bronx” in 1995, Jackie was put on the map in America after a few previously failed attempts in the early 70’s and late 80’s. Dad would rent a new Chan Man flick every week from the local video store at one point, and we were always excited to see what insane stuff he would get up to in each one, what crazy ways he would take on the bad guys next, and what props and tools he would employ with each new adventure. It always seemed like Jackie could always find ways to outdo himself, and whenever he had a movie make it to theatres, I made sure to check it out.

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The Tick Amazon Prime Review

With streaming services expanding and growing all the time, and the superhero genre showing no signs of stopping or slowing down in popularity, The Tick, exclusive to Amazon Prime Video, isn’t that surprising of a move from the shipping giant.  For those that aren’t aware, The Tick was originally created by Ben Edlund at the age of 18 as a mascot for a comic book newsletter for a chain of New England comics. He eventually started creating independent comics featuring the character, and an entire universe of parody characters that lovingly poked fun at the superhero comics that Edlund was and still is a huge fan of.  In 1994, The Tick really broke into mainstream popularity with an animated series on the popular Saturday morning Fox Kids block of programming, where I first encountered him.  After a video game and a previous short-lived live action incarnation in 2001, The Tick has returned to live action. With how much superhero media has boomed, I actually think a live action release is more properly timed now than in the early 00s, when not many good superhero films and shows existed yet, so audiences maybe weren’t ready to see a parody of something that hadn’t reached its peak.


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Dragon Ball Super So Far! The Tournament of Power 


The Play Legit team returns for Dragon Ball Super So Far! This time KJ, Uriah, Koerri Elijah and Mo Chocolate team up to discuss everything that has happened during the Tournament of Power up to episode 105. This is the Ultimate review of what has recently transpired that you don’t want to miss!