Memorex Dual Controller Charging Kit for XBOX 360™ Review

This dual controller charger not only looks amazing, but it works incredibly well. Lasting hours upon hours in battery life, this is a controller charger we recommend. You can set it Horizontally or vertically. Either way, the charger doesn’t look clunky, and it fits discretely into your home. People that did notice it approved, and we think you will too.

You can purchase @ Sam’s Club stores (for $32.99)

We give this MF MF MF MF MF out of Five

Buy it now, Play Legit endorses this all the way.

Kinect Review

Real Talk By: Kimulus

So it is finally here, the Kinect for Xbox 360.  The ultimate update to the Xbox… and I would have to say I agree.  It has been little over a week now and man I have been playing with Kinect everyday and I am very satisfied with the Kinect right now.  The thing that Continue reading “Kinect Review”