Fallout: Pen and Paper?

Real Talk By: Haggy

The old radio sparked and whizzed as the firefight finally came to a close.  Dean Martin’s voice struggling to get through the busted relic as Damian and his dog Scruffy slowly peered around.  The bombed out ruin was filled with the giblets and gore of the raiders that thought the two of them were fresh meat.  Smirking, the man and his dog then began to go through the loot of the room, hoping to find rations, ammo, or anything else that they could at least sell back in Westside.  A stir, a creaking, movement, the duo weren’t alone. Continue reading “Fallout: Pen and Paper?”

Tabletop Review: DOOM: The Board Game

Real Talk By: Haggy

DOOM: The Board Game, is another entry by Fantasy Flight, and it takes place in the DOOM series by Bethesda and Id Software with one player controlling a hoard of Demons while up to 4 other plays play marines trying to accomplish an objective on the modular game board.  The game is a hoot to play, if a bit complex and pricey, but as far as Fantasy Flight is concerned, that is the norm. Continue reading “Tabletop Review: DOOM: The Board Game”

Tabletop Review: XCOM: The Board Game

Real Talk By: Haggy

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This week, I’m going to be doing things a bit differently.  I was thinking of going over another type of game that people usually look over, and that is the board game.  There are so many games that aren’t just Monopoly or Sorry!  Games that can be fun and engaging without just being a time waster.  So, with that in mind, it’s time to go over a game, that I think, is a good bridge between video and board game. Continue reading “Tabletop Review: XCOM: The Board Game”