PS Now Request: Urban Reign

Real Talk By: KJ

Urban Reign (2005)

A game that was built for party play.  Four player fights would make use of the PS2’s Multitap.  Loads of characters with fighting styles mirroring other Namco fighting games. Tekken characters Law and Paul were also playable. Continue reading “PS Now Request: Urban Reign”

N++ Ultimate Edition Review: Flow like Water

Real Talk By: Sully

I don’t play platformers very often. Sometimes I get nostalgic and play some classics on the Super Nintendo, but I think my playing habits have been warped by all the big blockbuster triple-A games. So when I turned on N++ for the first time, I was having serious flashbacks to my days in high school when I was supposed to be using the computer for research instead of playing Flash games on Newgrounds or Ebaumsworld. For years now, I have spent most my time playing Battlefield, Halo, Uncharted, and so on. N++ reminded me that gaming doesn’t have to be about the story or graphics. N++ goes back to the roots of what makes gaming so much fun: the gameplay.

The game mechanics are fairly simple. You’re a Ninja and you must hit the button that the locks the door to reach the end of the level. However, being a ninja can be quite difficult as we all know. There will be enemies to avoid and puzzles to solve. You must use your ninja-like agility and master the physics of each level by running, jumping, and collecting gold to extend your time limit. It may sound simple enough but as you progress you will discover how difficult ninja life can be.


N++ is typically played with face-paced momentum, relying on timing and speed. Sure, you can try to take it slow and steady, but you must be a Ninja and flow like water to move up the leaderboards. Flowing through levels does get super addicting. In fact, this game does leave you wanting more and more. Good thing the guys at Metanet Software deliver over 100 hours of gameplay for you to indulge. For 15 bucks they’re giving you your money’s worth.

It’s actually a pretty chilled game though. I don’t know if its the music, the minimalist landscape, or sound effects.  It may be all of it combined but it’s actually pretty relaxing. If you are like me, when you die countless times, you typically spiral into a rage and give up. Not with this game though. The sound of the Ninja you play as splattering over and over makes you feel like dying is all part of the game. And I’m okay with that.


With over 1200 levels to play, it will be difficult to get bored or ever beat the game. Plus, the option to create and submit your own level design is pretty rad in itself. I enjoyed the time I spent playing N++. It was even better when playing co-op with a friend one Friday night. We spent hours trying to tackle each of the 5 levels to get through the countless chapters. You must complete all 5 levels in the chapter to move on to the next chapter. If you get stuck on the fifth level and quit, you have to go back and complete all five over again. Which can be super annoying and definitely the biggest drawback.  There was one level we were stuck on for a good hour, quit, then had to do them all over again. Having to rely on each other adds another layer of difficulty. Trust me, there are plenty of moments where you finally finish and you can allow yourself to exhale and breath again.

This platformer has a ton to offer. You’re allowed to customize the game’s look with different color palettes and select music from top electronic artists. The single player has thousands of levels to choose from. Go ahead and team up with 4 other players locally and try Competitive mode, where it’s a race to get to the door before others do.  There’s nothing friendly about it either. Typically, someone will have to be the sacrificial lamb to get the door unlocked. It will cause a ruckus that’s for sure. Plus, watch out for those ghost ninjas. They are the absolute worst thing in this entire game. They will mirror your moves causing lots of pain and suffering as you try to get away from them.


N++  is a master level platformer. It’s been quite some time since I’ve picked up the sticks to play one of these, I immediately shot back in time and fell in love with the genre all over again. Metanet Software really focused their attention to detail and created something special for fans of the previous game N+.  I would recommend this game to anyone that enjoys playing those old-school flash games from back in the day, and really to anyone that has roommates and friends that you enjoy playing games with as well.  Plus, who doesn’t love playing as a Ninja?

N++ Ultimate Edition gets:


4 out of 5

What’s Legit: 

+Addicting Gameplay

+Beautiful Level Design

+ Fun Local Co-op

+ Great music and Sound design

What’s Perpetrating:

-Ninja Ghosts

-Can’t skip levels

GDEX 2017 Wrap Up


GDEX, the Midwest’s largest gaming convention, is in its fifth year.  The Play Legit crew wants to bring you all the highlights of the weekend in case you missed it.  Myself (Ms. Throwback), Cmack The Don, Hec G, Jason Johns, Uriah Worldwide, Nese005, Rickayyy, and Brian DK all joined the GDEX crowds for the latest and greatest gaming expo this side of the U.S.  Our goal was to promote PlayLegit.Net, and hang-out with players from all-over-the region while checking out excellent indie developed titles.

The Play Legit Booth was popping with Soul Calibur for the Dreamcast and Mario Kart Double Dash for the Gamecube playable.  Custom designed Play Legit Waterbottles were handed-out and a projector played clips of our social media antics and reviews. GDEXer’s approached with curiosities about the site and we were very overwhelmed with support for unbiased reviews.  Uriah busted out the replica portal gun which expo patrons had a blast taking a picture with.  Thank you to all of those who came out to see us do our thing.


FullSizeRender (1)

This year we interviewed a large portion of exhibitors and tried many of the titles out for display.  Everything from hack and slashers, endless runners, VR, and new titles created to run on the classic NES and Sega Genesis.  We will be posting our interviews on the site in short order.  In the meantime, let’s look at some of the highlights from this year.

Recently, bar arcades have taken off, because what adult doesn’t want to drink but also act like a kid?  We met the people that own the newest arcade in town, Sphere Virtual Reality Arcade.  This little-known arcade sets themselves apart from the rest by delving exclusively into virtual reality.  We had a chance to check them out at their location in Columbus, Ohio’s own Easton Town Center and walked out breaking a sweat!  This isn’t just a good place for entertainment.  This is a good place for a workout!  With over 70 five star reviews already we highly suggest you check out the latest and greatest in VR without breaking the bank account to have this in your own home.


Cowbots and Aliens is an example of one of twenty-five virtual reality titles you can play at the Sphere Virtual Reality Arcade

Mega Cat Studios creates new titles for old systems.  Right now they have playable titles on the NES, PC,  and Sega Genesis but I was told by one of the developers they are also going to start producing games for the SNES.  For those of us that have been collectors of classic systems for years, this is fantastic.  The games come fully equipt with a sturdy case/box, full-color instruction manual with backstory, and the game itself.  One of my favorite titles in their line-up was Coffee Crisis.  A street fighting title where baristas save the day from alien invasions.  I mean really?  Does it get better than that?  pickle

Coffee Crisis Takes the basic out of coffee

Plenty of hack and slash dungeon crawling can be had in Rouges Like Us.  A game available for download on steam.  This game has simple looks with a complex play style becoming more and more complex over time.  Players can change their looks, weaponry, and will encounter more difficult enemies along the way.  Nese005 will be reviewing this title in the very near future.

Rouges Like Us has complexity in the areas where it counts

Bevontule, which has been in development since 2015, is a tactical turn-based RPG downloadable on Steam.  It combines beautiful visuals with a deep story line to bring an overall excellent title to the arena.  Developers talked to us about bringing the best of all RPG experiences together in this dramatic package.  Creating challenges and thickening plot progression are key to keeping the player intrigued.  Personally, I enjoyed the cleanliness of the title.  The developers have shown careful consideration not to litter the screen with menus until the player actually needs them.

Nice looks and nice storyline, what more do you need?

I really enjoyed Light Knight, a 2D co-op fighter where players can, in the process of being a hero, injure themselves.  The animations of this title are very entertaining, as being killed will render your character in several pieces which then give the players that killed your and their enemies points.  Very cool!Overall GDEX 2017 was again a success!  We have more info coming on the details of this event but for now.  Please check out intriguing pictures from our crew and join us next year for the midwests largest gaming expo.


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Story Gating: Hiding Content Behind Difficulty

Real Talk By: Brian DK

Art is subjective. Each viewer’s feelings, opinions, and individual taste can drastically alter how they experience a piece of art. But what if an individual’s skill also played a part in how they experienced that same piece of art? Imagine watching the Star Wars: A New Hope but at the end Luke’s torpedoes miss the exhaust port because you, the viewer, hadn’t watched Rogue One yet.  Or not being able to finish a Sherlock Holmes novel because you personally hadn’t solved the titular mystery. Video games have been using similar mechanics for decades, but is it okay to hide portions of a story behind barriers that might be insurmountable to some players? Continue reading “Story Gating: Hiding Content Behind Difficulty”

Uncharted Lost Legacy Review: A Puzzling Experience

Real Talk by Sully

If you are not familiar with the Uncharted series,  you might want to take a step back in time and go pick up the Remastered edition of the Uncharted series as well as Uncharted 4.  This game follows two characters from the past with motivations that were grounded from the previous games.  Let’s take a look at how this game fairs for the series.   Continue reading “Uncharted Lost Legacy Review: A Puzzling Experience”

Tactical Memoriam: Nintendo Wars

Real Talk By: Brian DK

Several strategy and tactics series have seen a revival in the recent years. Fire Emblem: Awakening brought its franchise back from the brink of death. XCOM: Enemy Unknown revived a celebrated series and brought it into the modern era. And Microsoft just announced a new Age of Empires in development. The industry is ready for another installment in the Nintendo Wars saga. Continue reading “Tactical Memoriam: Nintendo Wars”

Why Isn’t John Wick A (Good) Game?

Real Talk By: Cmack Tha Don

Gamers have been forced to put up with many horrible film adaptations of video games, many so bad I won’t even mention them here so that readers won’t be reminded of the trauma. But tie-in video games, with only some small exceptions, can often be some of the worst scourge of the gaming world as well, with half-finished concept games rebranded to have a popular theme or characters in it, or rushed development to match the release of the movie or show it’s promoting. Continue reading “Why Isn’t John Wick A (Good) Game?”