Play Legit’s Best of 2018 Nominees

Select Play Legit members would assemble.  They debated, yelled, high-fived, and gamed heavily.  Final picks were chosen by Staff who thoroughly played each title to the utmost.  The following list is composed of our absolute favorites in 2018.  Here we go: Continue reading “Play Legit’s Best of 2018 Nominees”

Smash Bros. Ultimate Character Dreamlist

Real Talk By: Brian DK

Super Smash Bros Ultimate launched for the Nintendo Switch just a few days ago, but Nintendo wasted no time building up the hype for the game’s DLC. At the Video Game Awards, just before Smash Ultimate’s launch, it was revealed that Persona 5’s Joker would be joining the already massive star-studded Smash roster. Continue reading “Smash Bros. Ultimate Character Dreamlist”