Sonic Movie Trailer: The Legit Take

Real Talk By: Cmack The Don

Hollywood has been trying to cozy up to video games ever since studio big-shots realized there was money to be made from making large-scale productions of the at-the-time new medium of entertainment. Those of us who’ve been around long enough know how this usually goes, and what the track record of successes versus failures are with video games on the silver screen.

Just this past week, Paramount unleashed upon the world the latest franchise to make it’s move to theatres, kind of like a sick cat coughing up an itchy, poorly formed blue furball: Sonic the Hedgehog. Continue reading “Sonic Movie Trailer: The Legit Take”

Play Legit’s Best of 2018 Nominees

Select Play Legit members would assemble.  They debated, yelled, high-fived, and gamed heavily.  Final picks were chosen by Staff who thoroughly played each title to the utmost.  The following list is composed of our absolute favorites in 2018.  Here we go: Continue reading “Play Legit’s Best of 2018 Nominees”