Battletoads Real Thoughts

Real Talk By: KJ

Battletoads. It’s back. Years would go by as Microsoft would sit on this treasured IP. Finally, we have been treated to comeback of sorts. A level of care was definitely taken out in gameplay, but sadly it takes a hit when factoring in the shocking change in art-styles. This reminds us at Play Legit of ‘Rise of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’, but with less character detail. The most recent Killer Instinct included Rash as a playable guest fighter. This iteration did the IP justice. I was getting excited for the full-on return. Then, E3 2019 happened. As it stands The New Battletoads is something that I’ll still play, but my hype meter has definitely lowered. We were waiting almost 20 years for a true follow up, so i’m hoping the gameplay delivers in a big way. In this aspect of the game possibly it will retain that classic feel, because the appearance is off me. Real Talk.

Fallout 76: Beta Impressions

Real Talk By Zombie Zac

In just a couple weeks Fallout 76 will be out in the wild and this past weekend I got the opportunity to try out the Beta for myself. There’s a lot of questions surrounding an online Fallout and how far it will deviate from what makes the series so popular. While Bethesda has an online Elder Scrolls, there’s a number of features about Fallout that may not translate as well. Continue reading “Fallout 76: Beta Impressions”

GDEX 2017 Wrap Up


GDEX, the Midwest’s largest gaming convention, is in its fifth year.  The Play Legit crew wants to bring you all the highlights of the weekend in case you missed it.  Myself (Ms. Throwback), Cmack The Don, Hec G, Jason Johns, Uriah Worldwide, Nese005, Rickayyy, and Brian DK all joined the GDEX crowds for the latest and greatest gaming expo this side of the U.S.  Our goal was to promote PlayLegit.Net, and hang-out with players from all-over-the region while checking out excellent indie developed titles.

The Play Legit Booth was popping with Soul Calibur for the Dreamcast and Mario Kart Double Dash for the Gamecube playable.  Custom designed Play Legit Waterbottles were handed-out and a projector played clips of our social media antics and reviews. GDEXer’s approached with curiosities about the site and we were very overwhelmed with support for unbiased reviews.  Uriah busted out the replica portal gun which expo patrons had a blast taking a picture with.  Thank you to all of those who came out to see us do our thing.


FullSizeRender (1)

This year we interviewed a large portion of exhibitors and tried many of the titles out for display.  Everything from hack and slashers, endless runners, VR, and new titles created to run on the classic NES and Sega Genesis.  We will be posting our interviews on the site in short order.  In the meantime, let’s look at some of the highlights from this year.

Recently, bar arcades have taken off, because what adult doesn’t want to drink but also act like a kid?  We met the people that own the newest arcade in town, Sphere Virtual Reality Arcade.  This little-known arcade sets themselves apart from the rest by delving exclusively into virtual reality.  We had a chance to check them out at their location in Columbus, Ohio’s own Easton Town Center and walked out breaking a sweat!  This isn’t just a good place for entertainment.  This is a good place for a workout!  With over 70 five star reviews already we highly suggest you check out the latest and greatest in VR without breaking the bank account to have this in your own home.


Cowbots and Aliens is an example of one of twenty-five virtual reality titles you can play at the Sphere Virtual Reality Arcade

Mega Cat Studios creates new titles for old systems.  Right now they have playable titles on the NES, PC,  and Sega Genesis but I was told by one of the developers they are also going to start producing games for the SNES.  For those of us that have been collectors of classic systems for years, this is fantastic.  The games come fully equipt with a sturdy case/box, full-color instruction manual with backstory, and the game itself.  One of my favorite titles in their line-up was Coffee Crisis.  A street fighting title where baristas save the day from alien invasions.  I mean really?  Does it get better than that?  pickle

Coffee Crisis Takes the basic out of coffee

Plenty of hack and slash dungeon crawling can be had in Rouges Like Us.  A game available for download on steam.  This game has simple looks with a complex play style becoming more and more complex over time.  Players can change their looks, weaponry, and will encounter more difficult enemies along the way.  Nese005 will be reviewing this title in the very near future.

Rouges Like Us has complexity in the areas where it counts

Bevontule, which has been in development since 2015, is a tactical turn-based RPG downloadable on Steam.  It combines beautiful visuals with a deep story line to bring an overall excellent title to the arena.  Developers talked to us about bringing the best of all RPG experiences together in this dramatic package.  Creating challenges and thickening plot progression are key to keeping the player intrigued.  Personally, I enjoyed the cleanliness of the title.  The developers have shown careful consideration not to litter the screen with menus until the player actually needs them.

Nice looks and nice storyline, what more do you need?

I really enjoyed Light Knight, a 2D co-op fighter where players can, in the process of being a hero, injure themselves.  The animations of this title are very entertaining, as being killed will render your character in several pieces which then give the players that killed your and their enemies points.  Very cool!Overall GDEX 2017 was again a success!  We have more info coming on the details of this event but for now.  Please check out intriguing pictures from our crew and join us next year for the midwests largest gaming expo.


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EVO 2017’s Smashing Trailers

Real Talk By: KJ

EVO seems to be morphing into an E3 level event for fighting game fans. Growing every year in-reach.  Not only are we seeing highlight titles getting picked-up for this contest of champions (ARMS announced for 2018), we’re seeing important debuts.  As you scroll, I’ve dropped clips of key character reveals to popular games, or new franchises entirely.  Essentially everything I found to be amazing from EVO 2017.

 Street Fighter V

Big Thug “Abigail” has been revealed as (SFV) Season 2’s next character.  He is actually The Largest in franchise history. Notice his Stage is ripped directly from Final Fight. Hopefully Capcom will insure this fighter is balanced.

Arika’s New Game 

Arika’s mysterious fighter has a Street Fighter 5 art direction. But i’ll say the graphics look even better.  Big time! No official title for this yet, but some familiar faces will pop up in this teaser. Shout out to the fans of SF EX, this is for you.  What started off as an April Fool’s prank, will be heating up PS4’s in 2018.

 BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

A massive crossover between Four Franchises: Persona 4 Arena, Under Night In-Birth, RWBY and Blazblue. This is sure to have standout (and definitely bizarre) character selections. This year has been an exceptional one for fighting game fans, but 2018 is showing promise.

 Dragon Ball FighterZ

Along with Future Trunks making the roster, Piccolo and Krillin were confirmed for Dragon Ball FighterZ. With an early 2018 release, this roster will most-likely be on the smaller side.  So, continue to make every reveal count. It was my favorite game shown at E3 2017 obviously my hype meter is over 9,000.

Tekken 7

A Surprising announcement.  Fatal Fury Baddie “Geese Howard” is coming to Tekken 7 this winter.  Namco Bandai continues to make interesting casting choices with this title. Could we see Terry Bogard next? Maybe a Virtua Fighter pick is in the cards. Dead or Alive? The floodgates have opened.



Games We Need From E3 2017

Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

It’s that time.  The season where we come out ecstatic for upcoming releases.  Let’s break-down our E3 2017 list for you.  Titles either scheduled to appear, or stuff from the industry we want to see revealed can be found below.  Play Legit is on The lookout for some boss games.  No wannabee announcements this year please. Only The hottest.  Here we go: Continue reading “Games We Need From E3 2017”