Side Missions: Small Crimes

Your friends at Play Legit and Feikert Creative participated in the Columbus 48 Hour film contest.  We were given a Genre, prop, and Line we had to include.  The movie was required to be made within that time limit.

Law enforcement’s Small Crimes Division has its biggest case yet. Continue reading “Side Missions: Small Crimes”

Tekko 2016!

Real Talk by J. Valdez

If you’ve been sleeping on Tekko, it’s time to wake up.  Hosted by the Pittsburgh Japanese Cultural Society, Tekko is a 4 day con, celebrated its 14th year with record attendance numbers, and what in my opinion was, an amazing weekend.

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Hulu to Stream New Marvel Shows

Similar to the Netflix deal, Hulu will receive four shows of its own.  All will stay true to the MCU format.  Everything is connected.  Introducing Marvel’s Squirrel Girl & Doop, The Great Lakes Avengers, Sauron In The City, and Uncle Ben.  Peter Parker’s legendary father figure is leading the charge in 2017. Continue reading “Hulu to Stream New Marvel Shows”