Tangram Attack! Review: Puzzle Slicing and Dicing (3DS)


Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

Tangram Attack is a simple slicing puzzle game. The title is available exclusively through Nintendo’s Eshop download store and as usual puzzle style games, starts with a simpler layout leading into more challenging stages. Tangram Attack makes good use of the 3DS touch screen, making the intricate swipes that are needed easy to navigate. Timed stages and zero mistake applications add even more challenge for the player.

Academy mode starts the player off as a white belt with the last goal of becoming a fourth-degree black belt. Earning each new belt in the proper order is achieved by completing four tasks. As a new belt is earned an extra shape per puzzle is added to create a deeper dynamic for the player. The shapes that are added can looked deceivingly similar to previous additions tricking the player into a false slice and ending the ability to move onto new stages.

Most of my time was spent completing the challenges of academy mode. Once I was past the first tutorial phase, the challenge of the game was quite addictive and satisfying. The tutorials seem a bit drawn out for a simple puzzle title. I felt that shortened versions of them, would have sufficed in giving me what I needed to continue completing stages.

“Fruit Ninja For The Brain!”

The title also includes three other modes, a play until you lose, arcade, and time trial modes. These classic modes, found in most puzzle titles, are what gives Tangram Attack it’s replay value. Once academy mode is over you need stuff to do, and thankfully TA delivers. The addictive nature of the game made play more than once. I will always enjoy a good go until you lose round. Also competing with your own high scores rarely gets old. Badges can also be earned in these modes when certain tasks are achieved creating a satisfying feeling that continues long after the campaign mode is over.

In the world of video games, puzzle titles have had their highs and lows. We’ve had the likes of many versions. When it comes to puzzle games, it’s all about the addictive nature and fun of the game. I thoroughly enjoyed his title. Surprisingly the visuals and music were even better than expected, and for a cool $2.99 it’s definitely worth the price. It’s a great pick up and play and an awesome distraction in a boring place.

Tangram Attack! Gets


3.5 out of Five

What’s Legit?
+Addictive and fun
+Nice use of the touch screen
+Surprisingly good visuals and music

What’s Perpetrating?

-Campaign mode is short
-Tutorials are too long

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Retro City Rampage DX Review (Nintendo 3DS)


Real Talk By: KJ

Take Grand Theft Auto and blend it with 8-Bit Gameplay. It’s a concept that worked. Retro City Rampage was already a hit on other consoles, and now the game arrives on the Nintendo 3DS. Were gameplay compromises made? Absolutely not. This is not only the game you remembered 2 years ago, but the various tweaks that occurred, are included in this port. More screen filter options and fairer gameplay. Also it’s at a $9.99 price-tag, making it the cheapest edition of the game but the biggest.

RCR:DX can be played in short bursts, or hours on end due to the gameplay variety. Cause chaos, blow stuff up. The game wants you to. What about those coppers though? Wipe the screen clean of police officers, one will drop a special coin. Grab it and receive a cloaking device. Keep a low profile for the duration, and come out of it home free. It’s satisfying this way, it feels like you’ve truly earned freedom. Driving has improved. The camera zooms out more making it easier to see. Whether you’re in a race or slamming into a break-dancing fool, it feels much tighter.

If you lived in the 80’s or 90’s, this is your game. Missions have such a nice variety filled with pop culture references from those eras. It seems like no major movie from those eras are safe. The retro-nods are a big part of the story mode, which has been tweaked too. More checkpoints have been included for blunders that may happen. Levels are still challenging but always reasonable. The whole experience has been remastered.


Plenty of weapons will keep you busy, and Rampage missions will put your arsenal to full use. Taking out as many guys as you can with a rocket launcher is one of them. Another sets the Player on fire and he must make everything else catch a blaze as well. This is just a taste of the 8-Bit variety that awaits gamers.

Shoot outs are better in DX with improved targeting, but there is still room for improvement. No Circle Pad Pro options either. Sometimes it’s hard to nail the exact person you were gunning for. I’ve died far more than I would have liked because of it. Unfortunately the 3D effect isn’t here either. Basically it is one man designing everything, so we can understand. It’s just I was spoiled rotten by other games like 3D Streets of Rage.  Couldn’t help but dream of the possibilities in this open world.

Small gripes aside, we truly have The Definitive Version of RCR. Little things like being able to switch your weapons, or Radio station with the touchscreen. Enhanced visuals, and more gameplay balancing overall helped out nicely. The changes made, are enough to bump this New Classic into a higher score than we previously issued. The game benefits from being on the small screen. Any newcomers who are looking to simply have fun, or just pay homage to the old school, it doesn’t get better. Retro City has come home on the 3DS.

Retro City Rampage DX Gets


Out of Five

What’s Legit?

+Genius Missions

+Nice Presentation

+Great Music

What’s Perpetrating?

-Targeting System Still needs work

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Resogun PS4 Review


Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

Taking ourselves back to the 1980’s, if we can, some of us weren’t even born yet.  Games were going on and evolving fast.  Defender was on the top of everyone’s favorites and is still a classic favorite to this day.  Resogun re-imagines this title with incredible new visuals and an addictive personality.  The environments are plenty unique and the scenery is set on a kind of spinning wheel that rotates around as the player flies through the atmosphere.  High tech backgrounds crumble and interact with the action of the player as items explode midair and laser beams fly across the screen.  The visuals are an incredible part of the title but fortunately for us, there is an amazing depth to the title.

Sticking with the classic nature of the game this title is a side scrolling shooter.  The difference is that the player can freely move left or right at will, and with the ever-transforming environments spinning round, there is no limit to the enemies and changes that happen as the player progresses.  Items can be obtained to give your ship greater fire power, and special powers.  Before you know it you have one legit ride flying through the level creating the ultimate take down experience.

There is a delicate balance between just shooting your enemies and tricking them into their own trap.  Floating bombs explode as the enemies try to reach you without realizing it’s there.  Another goal of the player is to free captives that appear by taking down special ships.  These will appear on-screen for only brief moments giving you a small window of opportunity to free the humans and become an untimely hero.

Resogun is high energy, creative, and fun eye candy and definitely worth the fee to pick up.  For the fans of the old school and anyone looking to get something a little different, this does the job. In fact, it does it well.  The visuals and animations are incredible and the game play is on point.  This isn’t a title you have to spend a ton of time with but we think once you start playing, you might find it very hard to stop.

Resogun Gets:


4.5 Out of Five

What’s Legit?

+Visuals and Animation

+Abilities and Upgrades

+Simple Control Interface

+Addictive Gameplay

What’s Perpetrating?

-Difficulty may be too high for Some Players

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DiveKick Review

steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_132842911_preview (3)

Real Talk By: KJ

It started off as just a kickstarter dream, but the concept gained weight, and buzz began to build. Reaching its funding plateau, Divekick was a go. One of the most unusual fighting games of this generation is here. Is that a bad or good thing?  The game is controlled by two buttons of your choice. The default control set is the L1/R1 combination. L1 dives and R1 kicks. It feels different playing the entire game with only two buttons. Adjusting the volume, picking characters, starting an online lobby, ext. All in all, they really made it work.

Games are won only by landing a Dive kick to your opponent. Land the kick on the opponents foot, chest, anyplace. You just have to be the first one to connect with the hit. It’s an instant KO every time. Standard play consists of 5 rounds, but this can be adjusted in the options. When time expires (which happens due to the games default 20 sec limit), gamers must get in the middle. That’s right, whoever is closest to the center of the stage will win the round. While everyone has a divekick, the way it lands is very different. Some will teleport, use portals, and other off-the-wall techniques. There’s even a parry attack, that puts you in a nice spot to land your foot on a foe. The game will rate your performance after winning a match. How you dived, kicked, and the “Not losing” grade as well.

I want this shirt. Just saying.


The characters truly standout. The two stars Dive and Kick pay tribute to Capcom’s greatest duo. Kick yells out loud Will Smith movie and song titles, making references to his older material. There are Easter eggs throughout, which diehard fighting game fans will really get a ‘kick’ out of. Give Uncle Sensei a try. The master of the Divekick combo himself, provides comical info during loading screens and probably has the best back story out of the group.

Basic as this concept sounds, getting to the point where you land the kick can get very tricky. developers One True, stripped away the complex button commands of other fighters, still keeping this game a true test of skill. Some will kick faster, use charged based kicks where you can delay your launch, tricking the opponent. Everyone even has a super move. Land a kick directly in a player’s face, that’s a headshot. The next round, that person is concussed,  the competitors will move slower for a short amount of time. Before you choose a character, pick an upgrade. One will modify diving, the other your kick. The last will give a power meter boost, letting you utilize it sooner. The greatest choice for those gutsy enough, is the “YOLO” selection. Picking this will give you all three abilities at the same time, but if you lose one round, game over.

The online is chaotic, a true test of the mind. Thanks to the GGPO netcode, you’ll experience pretty smooth sailing. It’s important for a game like this. The slightest screw up will leave you with a foot up your rear. Sadly there is no spectator mode. It would have been fun to laugh at the close calls and absurd characters with a room full of online friends. On the flip side, We could see people having house parties with this being featured due to its accessibility. The story mode does a solid job of breaking down the cast members origins. When you beat it, the only other option is local versus. We believe a survival mode would have fit in well with this concept. “Can you DiveKick 100 foes?” Oh, that would have been cool. How about a time attack? There’s always room for DLC.

As it stands, DiveKick is a fun title, which will provide many good times. The amount of characters, levels and music are all solid for this price tag. The theme song will get you pumped for action right away. More could have been done for the local player, but it’s still an experience all gamers should try out. Sounds and looks simple, but there’s plenty more going on. This will be played for years to come. Bottom line. It’s available now as a $9.99 PS3/Vita crossbuy. Steam users can jump kick too.

Divekick Gets


Out of Five

 What’s Legit?

+Unique concept that works


What’s Perpetrating?

-No spectator mode

-Barebones local play

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