Let’s Get It Started: Launch Titles That Rocked (Part 1)

Real Talk By: KJ

There’s always a level of excitement surrounding a New System Launch.  How will it play? Will it live up to the hype? New Hardware without Good Software, is like owning an expensive paperweight. Continue reading “Let’s Get It Started: Launch Titles That Rocked (Part 1)”

The Best in Gaming 2017

2017 gave us an amazing year in gaming. From stunning graphics to groundbreaking voiceover performances, 2k17 was full of surprises. Some games went above and beyond while others kept the gaming community enraged or at the least, utterly disappointed. Below are the winners of Play Legit’s annual best of gaming series. Continue reading “The Best in Gaming 2017”

Sweet Loading Screens Part 1

Real Talk By: KJ

Many modern games require a lot of time from the player. What adds to it is the dreaded loading screen. In this society where everything has to be instant, a roadblock between game sessions can be bothersome.  Thankfully some companies made sure waiting would be an easier process.  Here are some of the best loading screens to date. Continue reading “Sweet Loading Screens Part 1”

The Top 10 Greatest Xbox Originals

Opinion Piece

With the recent news that Microsoft is working on backwards compatibility with Original Xbox games, KJ and Sully have decided to put together their top ten favorites of all time.  The following titles should definitely be made available on Xbox One X. Immediately! Continue reading “The Top 10 Greatest Xbox Originals”

Top 5 Odd Game Endings

Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

Many video games have the same boring ending.  The princess gets captured, you play the hero, she’s saved, all is well in the kingdom.  It might be boring but at least you can follow it.  Some endings are well, just strange.  So strange that we can’t even figure out what exactly is going on.  I’m about to tell you game endings so if you hadn’t figured it out yet, Spoiler Alert! Continue reading “Top 5 Odd Game Endings”

Top 5 Weirdest Games

Real Talk by: Rickayyyyy

As with any art, gaming has created some truly strange, unusual feats of oddity. This article is devoted to the weirdest of the weird. There have been tons of titles in the 40+ years of gaming evolution, and some were bound to be weird. However, this list will only focus on games NES and beyond. There were loads of weird games on the Atari, but it would be hard to count them in this list because there are so many and they tend to be extremely short. Also, many of the weird Atari games are offensive and/or gross (google Custer’s Revenge). Now, shall we begin? Continue reading “Top 5 Weirdest Games”