How We Roll

Video By Jason Johns, and Music By Vex. This clip represents Play Legit, its crew and the good times throughout the years.  Hope you all enjoy. Continue reading How We Roll


The Social Connection

KJ here,  We want to connect with all of you.  What is your favorite social media application? 

Like the Facebook Fam Page, and join our group.  T-42 is always posting some sweet findings. Continue reading The Social Connection

The Play Legit Official Rating Scale

Here is the breakdown.  The one goal in all of our reviews is to keep it real with honest/unbiased scores. Continue reading The Play Legit Official Rating Scale

Meet The Play Legit Squad

You’ve Read The Articles, seen the clips.  Now, meet the crew responsible for dishing out the realest opinions in the Video Game Industry Today.  Play Legit Family (This page will be updated with even more info soon) here is the Squadron:


 #TheCrew @PlayLegit

Lil Mofo_comedyspecial