EA @ E3 Is Bringing It

Real Talk By: T-42

This year is all about big games. EA has announced and shown several trailers this year at E3 and I have to say, I am impressed. Which is shocking considering I went into the event with low expectations as EA has disappointed me lately. Continue reading “EA @ E3 Is Bringing It”

Fallout 4 Announced

Ever since Fallout 3 fans have been wanting more, then we got Fallout New Vegas and the fans were satisfied for a time. On June 2nd a count down clock appeared on Bethesda’s site fallout.bethsoft.com, and sure enough today June 3rd at 10 AM Est. a brand new trailer and announcement was made for Fallout 4. We at Play Legit are pretty excited for this news! Enjoy the trailer fam!


Steam Implements a refund policy

Steam will now allow you to get a refund for almost all purchases made in their store. If you buy a game and play 2 hours or less within the first 14 days you can get a full refund for the game, FOR ANY REASON.


This is a great change to Valve’s Steam service. Something GOG.com has been doing for quite a while now. This will make all of those Early Access games much more appealing to try, and if you don’t like it you can actually get money back for it. This is a great day for PC gamers! You can read the full policy over on Steam’s website.


A Paid Mod Warzone

Real Talk By: T42

From several conversations on facebook to conversations with our friends over at Space Game Junkie here are my thoughts. Paid mods through Steam is a bad idea. For one you are now locking in those mods directly through steam or through other sites that sell the mod codes to play the mod on the game you have on Steam. Here is the other problem, what if someone doesn’t have Steam and has a game like Skyrim and uses the Nexus mod installer. Continue reading “A Paid Mod Warzone”

GTA V PC Real Talk

Real Talk By: T42

What is going on fam? This is T-42 with some real talk on Grand Theft Auto V for the PC. Just to be clear, I have not played GTA V on any other platform so my PC experience is the first time with the game. Continue reading “GTA V PC Real Talk”

The Space Game Junkie Podcast #101

In this episode Brian, Jim, and Hunter (T-42) take a look at the game Rogue System and talk to its Developer, Michael Juliano. Rogue System is a very detailed space sim with detailed interactive ship systems. The game is in pre-alpha at the moment but we are very excited to see where this game is going. Continue reading “The Space Game Junkie Podcast #101”