Shakedown: Hawaii’s Over The Top Overview Trailer is Here

Shakedown: Hawaii is coming to Steam, Switch, PS4, PS VITA, and The 3DS.  Slated for release in Q1 of 2019.  We’re getting very close to the next phase in open-world action.  VBlank Entertainment brought us the excellent Retro City Rampage.  Players can expect mayhem on that level, and then some.  Earn some “Gangsta Cred” and build your own empire.  This is definitely high on our Indie Radar. Continue reading “Shakedown: Hawaii’s Over The Top Overview Trailer is Here”

Streets of Rage 4 Confirmed


Real Talk By: KJ

That’s right.  Retro Revivalists at Dot Emu are publishing something long-awaited.  It’s a follow-up to The massively popular beat-em-up series Streets of Rage.  Hand drawn Sprites, slick animations and an aged Axel come to the Fourth Entry.  Continue reading “Streets of Rage 4 Confirmed”