The Mission 3 Crew gives their thoughts on SHAZAM! Is this movie just what the DCU needed? What are your thoughts?


‘Override’ Is One Massive Brawler

Publisher Modus Games, and developer The Balance Inc., team to bring us a Major Mech Fighter.  We were getting War of The Monsters vibes with this one, and that’s a good thing.  Enter Override: Mech City Brawl.  Check out the nifty gameplay options below:

  • “Duke it out in 1v1 or 2v2 brawls
  • Unleash total chaos in 4-person free-for-all
  • Team up in 2 to 4-player party co-op–where each player controls one part of a skyscraper-sized mech
  • Go it alone in the single-player campaign”

Plenty of ways to throw down, solo or cooperatively.  We Look forward to Override: Mech City Brawl arriving December 4th, 2018 on PS4, XO, and PC.

Get in on the Beta

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Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn Review: Relic Brawl

Real Talk By: KJ

The Shaquille O’Neal Lead series takes a big turn in direction.  Can the genre transition from 1 on 1 fighter to side-scrolling beat-em-up succeed? There’s no hiding the fact Shaq Fu (SNES/Genesis) is one of the worst games in existence.  Enter: A Legend Reborn.  What was once an Indiegogo campaign, is now a reality on PS4, XO, PC, and Nintendo Switch.  Will this crowd-funded revival “Settle The Score of 94”? Continue reading “Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn Review: Relic Brawl”