Ingress: Gaming in The Real World


Real Talk By: HecG

I had to share this unique experience with you. It has pretty much consumed my life to a certain extent. This game is called Ingress. This is a massive real-time online game made by Niantic Labs, which for now is through Android devices and is connected with Google Maps and Google Plus. It is in the process of being released for Apple’s iOS for this year.

The story is about a certain phenomenon called “Exotic Matter” (XM) which has been recently discovered. This energy has the ability to shape human thought and possibly time and space. An organization called Niantic which with their technology can interact with this Energy Portals that have this (XM). Because of this a massive war between two groups of people have erupted which are called the “Enlightened” which they embrace this energy and believe that it will serve mankind and the “Resistance” who want to stop this unknown phenomenon to save mankind.

When it comes to gameplay, the player with the Ingress App will have a layout of the map. It will vary depending on your location,  the map has a black layout it is unmarked except for the roads. You will be able to see Links, Exotic Matter (XM), Control Fields and Items that other players may drop. Players have to be physically close to the objects/portals so you can interact with it.

When a players do an action in the game, AP (Access Points) are rewarded. The more AP is accumulated the higher the player can level up (caps at level 8 right now). The higher the level means stronger weapons to hack, protect, or even attack opposite portals.

But the best thing I can honestly say about ingress is the people you meet. Players can be in your their cars, or walking around, and always find other people playing. Gamers will ask you: “Hey what’s your Agent name?” Ha ha, its great.

FYI if you see a bunch of sketchy people around in a circle looking at their phones, don’t worry and don’t panic, it’s just people doing some Ingress. For more info check the official site.

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5 Racing Franchises That Need To Make A Comeback


Real Talk By: HecG

As time passes and generations of gaming consoles evolve, we still run back to certain games. Some times its for nosalgic reasons, other times its due to franchise discontinuation. For whatever reason it may be, companies refuse to make new entries in some popular and beloved racing titles. So here’s 5 Racing franchises that should make a come back. It’s time for a new group of people to enjoy what we did so long ago.

5. Jet Moto 


Very exciting type of racing, a bit difficult to drive the vehicles at first, but as soon as you get the hang of it, its nirvana from there. Tracks in this game are just superb. later installments even had sponsored racers. A guy was decked out in Mountain Dew, making this future sport feel a little more modern.

4. Auto Modellista


If I can say one word to describe this game, it would be “EPIC”. It had it all, large variety of cars, upgrades, awesome tracks and my favorite Engine Swapping! Auto Modellista was like if an Anime and Gran Turismo had a baby. This game was way ahead of its time. Capcom has to bring this game back with the same type of graphics and I’ll guarantee you it will be a success.

3. Tokyo Extreme Racer


Most definitely in need of a comeback. Extreme variety of cars even ones that I wouldn’t ever imagine in a racing game. Love the insane details of body work, great tuning upgrades and settings and it’s actually a long game which is awesome! Tokyo Extreme Racer was also ahead of its time. Man! I can only imagine how epic that game would be if it came out on the next-gen consoles.

2. ATV OffRoad Fury 


  If you wanted a good ass soundtrack, funny crashes and overall a good time, this was it! The graphics were amazing, driving was pretty spot on as how an ATV should behave, but be careful now, if you ‘Rev’ the ATV to high and let go of the ‘clutch’ you will regret it haha! Just a fun fact about the game. And of course the off-road courses were huge.

1. Road Rash


This game was exciting at a GTA level. It had it all, speed, controls, violence. The fact you can come at over 100 mph and hit an opponent with a bat, chain or whatever you can at your disposal, it’s a game that needs to come back. Period.  So EA, if you reading this, I need this game back in my life. Let Criterion develop. The Combination of Crashing phyisics and combat could be just what this generation needs.

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Project CARS: First Thoughts

Real Talk By: Hec G

Scheduled to be released in 2014 it’s ‘Project Cars’, or as they like to call it ‘Project Community Assisted Racing Simulator’.

Just viewed the official trailer. Honestly it’s the most amazing video I’ve ever seen for a racing game to date.

The detail in the bodywork, the tracks, the sky and surroundings are just exquisite. Just by seeing the trailer there’s so many great things like old school NASCAR races, Le Mans. I even saw an E30 BMW M3.

Slightly Mad Studios are onto something big here. This game may just give GT and Forza a run for their money. Dare I say if this game is as good as the trailer, GT and Forza may lose me all together.

Are you excited for Project Cars?

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Why the FT-1 Concept in Grand Turismo 6 Is a Big Deal

Real Talk By: Hec G

Hello Play Legit fans, I’m Hec G the newest member to the site. I’ll be your Racing Game Specialist. Super excited to be a part of this movement, and hope you’ll like what i have to offer.

Awesome news for all you GT fans out there, Toyota FT-1 Concept A.K.A The new Supra is now available for use on Gran Turismo 6. Learn all about its power.

“If you receive a bronze or better in the FT-1 challenge at Laguna Seca, you will receive the car. Drivers will also be able to purchase the vehicle from the Toyota dealership without having to complete the seasonal event.” -Sony Blog

It appeared at the Detroit Auto Show on 1/13/14, just to be released into the game the very next day, that’s major. You can buy it for 500,000 credits with a PP of 504. Meaning? It’s pretty fast! Since the Power Plant (Engine) of the FT-1 is still a mystery, the people from GT decided to give it an Inline 6 power plant. That is a beautiful thing. What you waiting for? Go drive that beauty and Enjoy yourselves!

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