Top Shelf: Week of May 15th

This week features the release of the long anticipated L.A. Noire. As the name suggests, the game is heavily influence by film noir and takes place in 1940s, post World War II Los Angeles. The game stars a war veteran who slowly moves his way up the Los Angeles Police Department. If reviews are any indication, L.A. Noire is a game that is well worth the wait. For a list of this week’s other releases, check after the break. Continue reading “Top Shelf: Week of May 15th”

Stacking Review

Real Talk By: D.

Stacking is the latest game by Double Fine, the studio that most recently brought you Costume Quest. Stacking is best described as a puzzle game featuring Russian nesting dolls. In Stacking, you take the role as Charlie, the smallest of these dolls. The game begins with the disappearance of your father and the kidnapping of your brothers and sisters who are forced into child labor by the Baron. Your task is to rescue your family from the evil Baron, and put an end to child labor.

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Top Shelf: Week of February 6th

This week features the release of Stacking, available for XBLA and PS3. Not only has Stacking been well reviewed. The game is FREE with a Playstation Plus membership. Xbox Live members will have to hand over 1200 Microsoft Points ($15), but according to reviews, it’s well worth. Also coming out this week is You Don’t Know Jack, bound to instill feelings of nostalgia to many trivia lovers. For a list of other games that released this week(and last, which is one worthwhile game) check after the break. Continue reading “Top Shelf: Week of February 6th”

Top Shelf: Week of January 23rd

This week’s quality releases is headlined by Dead Space 2. Also releasing this week is Dead Space Extraction for the PS3, which comes with the retail version of Dead Space 2, and well… that’s about it (Kind of ironic considering this week’s lineup of releases has a lot of dead space. Zing!). For a trailer a Dead Space 2, and the list of releases I forgot to mention last week, check after the break.

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