The Top 5 Metal Gear Games

Real Talk By: Knowledge

While I expect that many people over the past 30 years almost, have argued what is the best Metal Gear game, here is my take.  My list is based on how each affected the gaming world, and myself with their releases. Continue reading “The Top 5 Metal Gear Games”

Project CARS: Still Running Strong

Real Talk By: Knowledge

I’am here, just to give a few words on Project Cars. One of the latest additions to the ever-expanding world of racing games.

The keyword for Project Cars, in my opinion, is detail. It truly is a driving simulator akin to what I can only imagine the Air Force uses to train pilots. Through adjusting difficulty levels, everything from tire pressure to seat adjustment can make all the difference in having a successful racing experience. Continue reading “Project CARS: Still Running Strong”

Doing Work in Destiny

Knowledge lays it down in the Crucible for some competitive multiplayer action. That’s not all.

Here we have another Trailer for Destiny Expansion Pack 1: The Dark Below. Developers discuss the DLC.

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