So, You Want to Play an RPG? (Part I: Tips For Beginners)

Real Talk By: Haggy

So, you want to play an RPG?  But not just any RPG, one where you and your friends gather round a table, one of you GMs, and the rest of you go through a story or an adventure!  Table Top RPG, Pen and Paper RPG, Whatever you want to call it, these games can certainly be an exceptionally fun experience (I mean shucks, the first edition of Dungeons and Dragons came out in 1974, and it’s still kicking!)  However, there is a pretty good reason video game RPGs and other similar concepts have exploded in popularity and the classic DnD one has not… It’s daunting! Continue reading “So, You Want to Play an RPG? (Part I: Tips For Beginners)”

Skipper The Review: A Challenging Pick Up and Play

It’s always pleasant when you come across a nice, carefree, and easy to pick up game.  Especially in today’s gaming landscape, where everything has a story, and most stories have more than one meaning.  With Skipper you can sit back and relax with something that simply tests your mind without trying to force too many heavy elements on you.  Games like Bejeweled and Mini Metro have always been my go-to, but I may have found a new one in the form of 2xMilk’s Skipper.


Continue reading “Skipper The Review: A Challenging Pick Up and Play”