Mega Wide Edition | PLP024

The fellers are back with an XL version of the Play Legit Podcast. It’s game on!

Halo Infinite has been pushed back and we want to know why.

Battletoads takes a bold new direction. KJ and Koerri Preview this long overdue return. 

Spider-Man Avengers exclusivity and Rocksteady Games’ Suicide Squad. It’s a comic book adventure time.

RECOGNIZE: Play Legit’s Indie Game Spotlight is on “Hotshot Racing” from Lucky Mountain Games and Curve Digital. Behold, 90’s racing returns!

Hotshot Racing – Beta Sign Up

Godfall Gameplay breakdown video Impressions. This PS5 console exclusive looks to add some serious combat depth.

KJ has his full Ghost of Tsushima Review ready to go.

We close with our Intellivision Amico special event thoughts. Was this event able to build more buzz around this unique system?

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