Super Blood Hockey Review: It’s a Fight

Real Talk By: KJ

Welcome to The future of Competition.  Introducing Super Blood Hockey.  A league populated by convicts used as a form of entertainment.  These players will do whatever it takes to win.  Indie Developer Loren Lemcke has merged Classic Hockey titles from the late 80’s-early 90’s into a mature sports game.  The simple controls make for a throwback feel.  Victories come down to skill.  Scoring can be challenging, as the Goalie does a great job defending.  He’s the only one safe in the game.  Even the referee will take a beating, from the puck and players alike.  Hard hits, and buckets of blocky blood splatters the ice.


Quick select with a press of a button.  Another controls shooting, the other is reserved for checking.  This is an accessible game.  Mash that hit button to start fights.  Both teams get involved.  Fights will end once the other team is completely Ko’d.  Injuries are then distributed.  From “partially agitated eyes” to more severe conditions.  It’s possible to win games having more people on the ice (4 v1 scenarios).  Essentially make your own power play by getting rid of rivals.  It’s a Tough deal when it happens to you.  Pick from a Sniper (Accurate Shooter/Skater), Playmaker (All-around), and Enforcer (Power).  Choose your lineup wisely.  The power player-type is great for fights (which I found myself getting into many times).

Franchise mode provides depth (can play with 4 people locally).  The micromanagement options on athletes was unexpected, and works well.  Hit the showers to heel, weight-train, run treadmills, giving each player daily tasks.  Check for brain damage.  Assign a diet regimen.  Issue under the table items.  Steroids, cannabis and special pills.  Pluses and negatives will come out of it.  Use at your own risk.  Players can actually die in franchise.  Those who’re severely injured during a game will be put on life support.  As the man in charge, make decisions to either fund your athlete’s recovery, or pull the plug conserving cash.  That’s ice cold!  Saving money when possible is a task in-itself.  At the end of the month rent is due, but spending money on better (healthier) players is a temptation.  It’s a balancing act.


Music fits well.  Song selection matches the tone of game perfectly.  Shawn Daley did a great job with all of it.   You’ll find yourself humming tunes long after the puck drops.

For more action, challenge mode has 5 different scenarios.  My favorite was the 12 on 12.  As you can imagine things get absolutely insane.  Possession of the puck regularly changes.  Completing every trial will unlock more gameplay features.  It’s available to unlock manual goalie options.  That ability really brings old school vibes as it really puts the entire game in your hands.

Super Blood Hockey nails the throwback vibe while successfully meshing mature content with it.  The lack of online play stings a bit, thankfully it’s a title that’s awesome with a group of friends.

Super Blood Hockey Gets


4 out of 5

What’s Legit?

+Throwback Gameplay

+Fun With Friends

+Fitting Soundtrack

What’s Perpetrating?

-No Online Features

*Review Copy Provided By: Loren Lemcke



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