Power Rangers Battle For The Grid Review: Go-Go Content

Real Talk By: KJ

It’s a celebration of The Superhero franchises’ 25 Year history.  A fast-paced fighting game that definitely rises above any other Ranger outing.  That’s real talk, but is Battle for The Grid enough to carry the genre to Megazord heights?


Power Rangers: Battle for The Grid (at launch) includes 9 characters.  While compact, The lineup has some thought-out variety.  Characters such as Classic Goldar, Red and Green Rangers will appease day one folks.  Every fighter has unique super moves and forward/reverse grabs.  Even Lord Drakkon, (which could’ve easily been a Tommy copy and paste) has exclusive moves.  Green Ranger Tommy will call for his Zord, utilizing The Dragon Dagger.  You’ll hear the jingle, making a nice touch for old school diehards.  Despite Battle for The Grid’s marketing, there’s definitely a lack of fan-service (as of this writing).  With only 5 stages (including a throwaway training area), the game screams in-completion.  Fighting in Zordon’s lair is a nice touch, and hopefully more memorable levels come in the future.


More audio all around is needed.  Pizzazz people! Since this is intended to be a legacy tribute, let’s hear officially licensed music from the shows.  When Tommy throws kicks we should hear “See-uh-ya!”, ext.  Audio bites before and during fights.  The game feels so empty at times, which is frustrating because the fighting is so satisfying.

Like Marvel vs Capcom 2/Dragon Ball FighterZ, players tag in and out.  Rotate between teams of three.  Use the other two as assist options.  Combos are easy to perform for everyone.  However, understanding timing on attacks is where the strategy comes into play.  Ranger Hunter has her Bow and Arrow move set perfect for maintaining a distance.  The Mastodon Ranger has heavy artillery at his disposal utilizing landmines, and a deadly super move.  This particular fighter needs to be attacked for his to initiate.  We approve of the roster choices thus far.

A Story Mode is in the works.  The team who wrote the Shattered Grid Comic Book, will be handing things.  BFTG’s only two launch features: Arcade Mode and Online Play.  No lobbies yet.  Games have run generally smooth with little lag issues.  The Difficulty cannot be adjusted in Arcade.  Coast through stages Beating Bots with ease.  Fight Evil Tommy to win.  Any moderately experienced fighting game players will bulldoze through the mode.  Play with friends locally or Online to get the most from the grid.


With the promise of free content and a fair-price tag ($19.99), Power Rangers will receive a higher score than usual.  A fun fighter held back by a lack of basic features.  Dear Hasbro/N’Way, Make this Monster Grow! So much potential here.

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid Gets

MF 3 Rating Scale

3 Out of Five

What’s Legit

+Solid Price Point

+Awesome Combat

What’s Perpetrating?

-Lack of Necessary features


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