The Biggest Disappointment of 2018

Welp.  Here is the Biggest Let down of 2018.

Dynasty Warriors 9

Strayed too far from the goal.

Metal Gear Survive

It was made.

Fallout 76

Poor servers, Bug Riddled.

PlayStation Classic

Odd Lineup. Overpriced.

Telltale Games Shuts its Doors

It’s Sad to see a good company go.


The Biggest Disappointment Belongs to

PlayStation Classic


PlayStation Classic Promo Image 3

“A strange lineup of games.  Releasing with no Analog Sticks immediately removed Ape Escape from being a possibility.  Using the PAL versions for most games automatically meant you received inferior versions of favorites.  Reduced frame rates, ext.  This kills the fun in Tekken 3.  Sony has so many awesome franchises from the past.  This would have been a great time to raise awareness for the next generation of players.  Instead, we get an bare-boned box of sadness.  It has already been slashed at major retailers from $99.99 to $59.99, but it can go even lower for us.  No Crash, Spyro, or Gran Turismo.  Buddy, it’s a hard pass.” -KJ

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