Play Legit’s Best Indie Game of 2018

Independent game development continues to shine.  This is the heart and soul of gaming.  Fresh experiences, with unique/memorable concepts implemented.  Here is our favorite Indie Game of 2018.


Celeste (PC, PS4, XO, Switch)

Dead Cells (PC, PS4, XO, Switch)

Gris (PC, PS4)

Into the Breach (PC, Switch)

The Messenger (PC, Switch)


The Best Indie Game 2018 Goes To

Into The Breach

Subset Games


“Into the breach is the follow up to FTL and it has a chess-like balance to its strategic gameplay that is wholly unique. It mixes rogue-like permadeath with turn-based combat, distilling down games like XCOM to their core without losing any of the intensity. An excellent art style, challenge, and replay-ability makes it a game you can come back to time and time again.” -Zombie Zac

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