Play Legit’s Best Acting Performances of 2018

It’s time for our Best Actor and Actress results.  A category each passing year that continues to get more challenging to judge.  Hollywood. Time to wake up.

Best Actor Nominees:


Arthur Morgan – Roger Clark – Red Dead Redemption II

Connor – Bryan Dechart – Detroit: Become Human

Dutch van der Linde – Benjamin Byron Davis – Red Dead Redemption II

Kratos – Christopher Judge – God of War

Peter Parker / Spider-Man – Yuri Lowenthal


The Best Actor of 2018 is

Roger Clark – Arthur Morgan

Red Dead Redemption 2


“Arthur Morgan has become one of the most memorable characters in gaming.  An Outlaw who carried a code.  Players would experience how true that was throughout.  Possibly the greatest strength RDR2 had going for it was in its Story.  This can be attributed to the strength in voice acting.  You can appreciate every bit of what this character is going through.  Roger Clark earned this one making an Outlaw so relatable.” -KJ


Best Actress Nominees:


Abigail Roberts – Cali Elizabeth Moore – Red Dead Redemption II

Freya – Danielle Bisutti – God of War

Kassandra – Melissanthi Mahut – Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Lara Croft – Camilla Luddington – Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Sadie Adler – Alex McKenna – Red Dead Redemption II

The Best Actress of 2018 is

Alex McKenna – Sadie Adler

Red Dead Redemption 2


“Sadie Adler was a character who players would see evolve.  We witnessed a woman who lost so much, yet able to recover in style.  Another supporting cast member who left a major impact on us.  McKenna’s performance captured the character’s pain, and as an audience we were rooting for her.  It would be awesome see Mrs. Adler in a separate campaign.  An extra DLC mission? The decision was clear for us.  Alex McKenna gets The Best Actress Award.” -KJ

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