Play Legit’s Best Graphics of 2018

Our Best Graphics category was another we had to really debate over.  The Crew decided on a particular game having the most consistency across the board, especially when it came down to the finest details.


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (PC, PS4, XO)

God of War (PS4)

Monster Hunter World (PC, PS4, XO)

Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4, XO)

Spider-Man (PS4)


The Best Graphics Award Goes to

Red Dead Redemption 2


Rockstar Games

“Graphics deliver in a big way.  Realistic character movements from Humans and Wildlife alike.  The wear and tear is shown in fine detail in NPC’s and Buildings. Attending a Banquet in a Classy Mansion. Rummaging through an Abandoned Shack for supplies.  The same amount of attention to detail is present.  Players will notice Awesome lighting and superb weather effects.  RDR2 has strong consistency in its visuals.  Your eyes will be in for a treat.  Each Town has a distinct look.  Lower to upper class. NPC’s will go through daily routines.  People working on homes, drunks stumbling out of the saloon, butchers chopping meat.  Ranchers taking care of Cattle. This is one unique game world that will continue to impress the more you discover.” -KJ

Drop Knowledge

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