Play Legit’s Best Coop Game of 2018

It’s a celebration of The Greatest Team-ups in 2018.  There’s strength in numbers here.  Which title fully embraced the power of friendship?



A Way Out (PC, PS4, XO)

Far Cry 5 (PC, PS4, XO)

Kirby Star Allies (Switch)

Monster Hunter World (PC, PS4, XO)

Super Mario Party (Switch)


And The Best Coop Game goes to

Kirby Star Allies

HAL Laboratory/Nintendo


“Pulling the joy cons apart to have instant drop-in drop-out two player works great on the TV and on the smaller tablet display. Kirby: Star Allies doesn’t require much precision, and extra lives are a-plenty, so it won’t matter if your crew is easily distracted or bad at the game. Much like Kirby’s ability to transform, Nintendo over the years has transformed Kirby games into wildly different journeys. The common denominator is always the fun, chill vibe the games have and now that can be shared with your friends and family.” -Zombie Zac

Drop Knowledge

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