WaveCrash Smashes The Puzzle-Fighting Scene


We talked to Steven from Flyover Games.  WaveCrash is a smooth combination of a Puzzle Brawler and Fighter.  He definitely wanted to design something players could really get competitive with.  The other goal was to provide an experience newcomers could enjoy, without complex control schemes.

The game came to him in a dream.  Characters were running around a table throwing square-shaped waves at each other.  He started sketching it out, making it a reality. He made a prototype from the idea, and received positive feedback.  The mechanics stayed the same.  Now you can enjoy it.

Wavecrash is made available on PC and Mac.  The goal is to land on PS4, XBox One and Switch.  Everywhere video games are played Steven wants WaveCrash to be there.

For more on this unique title zip over to @Flyover_games.

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