Interview with Hitcents

It’s Casey here with Jordan Taylor of Hitcents.  This Indie Game publisher has a winning lineup of games.  One IP this company helped distribute happens to be a favorite among Play Legit.  This is A Robot Named Fight from Matt Bitner GamesIt was Awarded our Best in Show from GDEX 2018.



Casey: Tell us more about Hitcents.

Jordan: We’re an Indie game publisher with several titles lined up.  We work with a lot of very talented developers all over the world.  We can help them get on Switch with our Third Party License we have with Nintendo.

Casey:  That’s a great opportunity for the community.

Jordan: Nintendo has an approval process.  But we’re not switch exclusive. We have games coming out on Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Casey: What is your role in the company?

Jordan: A lot of what I do is initiate conversation with development teams.  I find the game on Developer Preview Sites.  My heart belongs to retro style games, so that draws me in initially.  I try not to focus on just what I like, but what the gamers would like.  When they sit down with the controller in their hand, what are they going to enjoy?

Casey: That’s what matters the most.  Please Check out for their whole lineup of awesome indies and Play Legit!


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