Indie Game Interview: No Mercy

Ms. Throwback here with Wesley Adams.  It’s about the upcoming Indie Game No Mercy from Multivarious. Here is our interview from GDEX 2018.

Wesley: No Mercy is a side-scrolling, hack and slash beat em up game.  It’s very much a game about consequences.  Depending on what you do in the story, who you choose to bring on your journey, and how you evolve that through time will actually change the dynamic of the story.

It’s about going into a forest finding different kinds of enemies.  Using your different characters, friends to move through obstacles, having a good time doing it. Revealing the story.

NoMercy GDEX Interview
Wesley Adams (Left) Ms. Throwback (Right)

Ms Throwback: Taking into account the awesome artwork in the game’s promotional images, it sounds like there was a really big emphasis on character design.  The nature of the character. Can you tell us some about that?

Wesley: Katie Hamill is our artist.  She’s done an excellent job of capturing the feel of the game.  Her goal was to come up with misfit characters that really interact with each other.  She Even did the hand drawn fonts in our game.

Ms. Throwback: When and where can we see this game?

Wesley: No mercy is expected some time in 2019.  We’re looking for release on Steam, Mac, PC, and Linux.  If it does well were looking for release on a platforms such as PS4 and Nintendo Switch.


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