Indie Game Interview: Collapsus

Casey here with another interview from The GDEX 2018 Expo.  I’m with Mark from Wraith Games.  This game is Collapsus.  Tell us about your unique Cube-Crushing title.

Mark: We’ve got a Puzzle Game here where you actually break blocks instead of swapping them. you can also rotate the device in all four directions to change the direction everything falls in.

Instead of losing when there’s no players remaining, players can continue to make moves until they run out of them.  However, as you get clears, you get them back.  Keep going until you can no longer.  There’s also 50 special modes built into it, complete with multiplayer functionality.

Casey: How long did it take you all to make this?

Mark: It took us a couple of years to complete.

Casey: Did you help innovate the turning mechanic?

Mark: It actually was originally in the plans.  I came up with a different way of restructuring everything, with how the blocks actually move.

Casey: Where can people find more information on Collapsus?

Mark: Keep up with us at WraithGames.Com

Casey: Thank you very much.  You can try out the game for yourself at Wraith’s official website.

Collapsus will have Three standard difficulties, two unlockable harder difficulties.  Timed and un-timed modes.  Lock things down so the screen can’t rotate as well. Featuring 25 challenge modes, 25 “Plus” modes, and an online puzzle maker.  There’s 8-Player Local, and Online Versus.  Publisher Ratalaika Games is helping release the game not just on mobile platforms.  This jam-packed puzzler is coming to Wii U, 3DS, Switch, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, Mac, Linux and PC.



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