Indie Game Interview: The Day We Fought Space

It’s Casey from Play legit and i’m here with Cathy from Tursiops Truncatus Studios.  Our Indie Spotlight is shining on The Day We Fought Space.

Casey: Tell us about your game.

Cathy: TDWFS is a Wreck ’em up with a lot of traditional shoot em up mechanics.  But on top of that; physics. You’re creating a lot of chain reactions.  It’s not about reversing the perfect pattern, it’s about looking for opportunities to create spiraling chain reactions. Carnage, Roughing up space.

Casey: What was the big inspiration for the idea?

Cathy: It came from a bug.  We were going to do an endless bullet hell, forgot to turn some of the collision mechanics off.  Realized, this is ten times more fun than what we were planning.  Let’s back up three steps and go down this new road.

Casey: It’s like a happy accident for everyone.

Cathy: Absolutely

Casey: You have any other projects in the pipeline?

Cathy: We have an iOS game were publishing. We were going to revive it, it’s called Primrose. Kind of a cross between Sudoku and Yahtzee. We believe in it’s potential.

Casey: What Platforms can we expect The Day We Fought Space to Arrive on?

Cathy: iPad, iPhone iPod Touch. Different controls for each so you can play on any size.

Casey: What is the best way for everyone to stay in touch

Cathy: Check us out at TheDayWeFoughtSpace.Com.

Casey: Stay tuned for more content from Play Legit.




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