Kung-Fu UFO is now on IndieGogo


Indie Studio Retronerve is composed of a Two-Man Team. The Duo has been working on Something set to test your might.  Introducing Kung Fu UFO, a game scheduled for release on SEGA Genesis And The MegaDrive. This Beat em Up/Platformer will make full-use of both systems while giving Old School Gamers something current to add to their collection of throwbacks.  Upgrading movesets, special moves and other techniques will add to the progression of the game.  Enemy variety will ensure there’s plenty of opportunities to put your skills to use.

Bonus levels will mix things up, while the soundtrack features some fitting chiptune sounds.  Grab that pen as Kung Fu UFO will include a Password system. There’s different difficulty levels making this one accessible for more fans. KFU is a callback to the great brawlers of the past, and a big roundhouse kick to the future.

Back this Indiegogo campaign and get some really sweet stuff in return.

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