Let’s Get It Started: Launch Titles That Rocked (Part 1)

Real Talk By: KJ

There’s always a level of excitement surrounding a New System Launch.  How will it play? Will it live up to the hype? New Hardware without Good Software, is like owning an expensive paperweight.  Systems need something great to get the party started.  Here are some games that helped get things rolling:

Dynasty Warriors 2 (PS2)


During this time there were few beat-em-ups.  DW2 filled that void in a big way.  My mind was blown. The Graphics, Enemy Count.  So many Baddies on screen, at one time.  This was actually a big risk taken by Koei.  The very first Dynasty Warriors was a fighting round game, playing completely different from the format everyone is now familiarized with.  This started the Musou craze and the countless spinoffs.  Zelda, One Piece, Fist of The North Star, and many more.  Take on legions, and look cool while doing it.  DW2 laid the foundation.

Super Monkey Ball (GCN)


This arcade port was successfully transferred over to the cube.  Roll around in a ball collecting Dole Branded Bananas, all-the-while maintaining balance, staying on course.  An update on switch could be entertaining with gyro-motion controls.  The Cube version would include a slew of extras and open the door for more entries in the franchise.

Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader (GCN)

rogue squadron 2

Star Wars on consoles would receive a much-needed jolt.  Without question, one of the most visually pleasing titles of that era.  RS2 immediately made itself one of the Best Space Flight Games ever.  Tight controls that took full advantage of the GCN controller, challenging, and still highly talked about.  The feel of the original trilogy was captured.  Missions tied the films together in a way that never felt forced.

Power Stone (DC)


A Brawler that Capcom enjoys neglecting, but still in high-demand from it’s fans.  It was a Super Hero kind of title. Collect Three Power Stones and transform into a powerful being.  The gameplay was speedy and satisfying with awesome weapon pickups to-boot.  This was Dreamcast’s Smash Bros. A unique grouping of characters and fun levels to fight in.  This title holds up without question. A follow up of any sort would print money.

House of The Dead 2 (DC)


A Zombie Shooter that loaded with hilarious voice acting, which really adds to the arcade thrill ride. Exciting levels and challenging boss fights.  House of The Dead Dreamcast would get a nice visual upgrade which made it standout immediately.  The DC launch had a nice variety of titles, and this only added to the list of gold.

Sonic Adventure (DC)

sonic adventure 1

Sales were really good.  Too good.  I was supposed to get it for Christmas that year but it was sold out around town.  I received NBA 2K, so things did work out.  Many risks were taken with Sonic Adventure.  The music was edgier.  His overall appearance would drastically change. The 3D Camera.  Usually when legacy characters receive a massive overhaul of this level, it isn’t well-received.  Fortunately This wasn’t the case.

Halo Combat Evolved (XBOX)


This would start one of the Great Franchises of all time.  Epic music, satisfying gameplay and a story that should have been long adapted into a feature film.  Halo Combat Evolved is a prime example of doing your launch right.

Any Launch Titles that caught your eye? They May Appear in Part 2.


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