Switch Request: Hard Corps: Uprising

Real Talk By: KJ

Hard Corps: Uprising (2011)

This was a fresh take on Contra.  Uprising featured a strong anime presentation.  The opening cut-scene is so well produced, it made us think a TV series would be on the way. The Best way to describe this one, take Guilty Gear and Contra, mix them together.  Fast paced arcade action that would be a good portable fit.  My only other request is to Include the outrageously priced DLC characters for free.  The pricing still gives me nightmares.

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One thought on “Switch Request: Hard Corps: Uprising

  1. I’m going to have to look into this one. I’m a fan of Run ‘n Guns. If you love Contra I think you should check out Super Cyborg. It’s a really fun sendup of the NES Contras.

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