I Need it Now: Jackie Chan’s Stuntmaster

Real Talk By: KJ

Jackie Chan’s Stuntmaster (2000)

Jackie Chan’s Stuntmaster is something I would love to see on The Playstation Network. Finding a physical copy now would be a Tough task. This is where digital comes in.

“Part of what makes Stuntmaster excellent is that according to my research, it was developed with the constant input of Jackie Chan himself. He not only provided his voice for himself in the game and advised on level design and layout, but motion captured every single move you use in the game. Despite it’s aged, blocky graphics, this means that the movements themselves look fluid, authentic, and are very satisfying. If you’ve seen him fight and jump enough times, you can definitely tell it’s him.”- Cmack The Don

I think Chan could still motion capture his movements into a new game.  Have you seen his latest films? He can still go.  Stuntmaster is a challenging brawler that captures everything great about Jackie’s Movies.  The Humor, Fighting, and insane stunt sequences.  It’s all there.  No reason why we can’t dive deeper into Sony’s library.



2 thoughts on “I Need it Now: Jackie Chan’s Stuntmaster

  1. I picked up way back when I am in my primary school, had great fun to pick up a fish and smash the hell out of the bad guys, another good scene is where you was chased by a truck – True Jackie Chan style

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