Nintendo Switch Request: Viewtiful Joe

Real Talk By: KJ

Viewtiful Joe (2004)

There has already been a DS version of Joe, so why not on switch?  The Cel-shaded style would translate well to this platform.  Really, Joe should have already made his return!  It’s too bad Capcom is sitting on this IP.  I think VJ is one of the best action games in history.  Manipulating time in a such a unique way, made levels tough but very rewarding upon completion.  It was great unlocking more flashy moves and applying them into gameplay.  The following was written back in 2010:  “There is a reason why Joe had 4 games and his own TV series. The man has skills. Viewtiful Joe helped bring back the 2.5D platformers that are so prominent in today’s titles. With his ability to slow and speed up gameplay, and unique cell shaded design, Joe could come to the modern line-up of consoles and really provide a unique experience.” Yet still we wait.




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