What is the Video Game Industry Missing?

We just want to know.  For me, I would love more honesty when games are being promoted.  Videos with real footage.  Cinematics followed by Zero gameplay, doesn’t work for me.  That’s my personal thing, I just want to have a reason to get excited for an upcoming title.  I will say companies have been doing a better job of that lately, but more work needs to be done.  If you could change the landscape of the industry, how would things go down?



3 thoughts on “What is the Video Game Industry Missing?

  1. I think honestly is the most important thing for me. Showing me a fancy cinematic cutscene isn’t going to impress me. Show me the actual game and be upfront about what’s in it and don’t lie to people.

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  2. I think honesty is important too. Not just about what the in-game visuals look like, but everything. Am I getting a complete experience? What other components (Expansion Packs, DLC, etc.) do I have to spend extra on? Is it riddled with gamble-riffic lootboxes? If so, are the items silly hats, and skins or are they tied into mechanics?

    Frankly, I think if a game costs so much to produce that such things are necessary, rather than forcing players to buy it all piecemeal, they should just include it, and raise the price to $80. And as annoying as it would be to pay circa 1998 Nintendo 64 Game Pak prices for a bleeding edge game; it would still be less annoying than the nickel, and diming.

    This is why as the tech gets more accessible, indies keep nipping at the heels of the EA’s, and Activision’s of the world. That isn’t to say every small game developer is virtuous. But there seem to be more small businesses than ever capitalizing on the candidness that the big two seem to have lost in recent years. Nintendo has also been fairly upfront about their games, and services. They don’t always make the wisest decisions (YouTube, Online services come to mind.) But at least you know where you stand when you buy something with their name on it.

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  3. I agree. Openness, honesty and perhaps a second look at the review system as a whole. Big companies like IGN lose the value they seek to provide with a general sense of favoritism and fanboy posturing (this coming from a longtime IGN reader).

    I’m not sure what the fix is, yet. But i’m working on it.

    Thanks for the great post!

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