Nintendo Switch Request: F-Zero GX

Real Talk By: Zombie Zac

F-Zero GX (2003)

F-Zero GX was the absolute fastest racing game I ever played when it came out. Never before was a racing game so out of control fast on the default setting. What hooked me though wasn’t nostalgia for the SNES or GBA games— what hooked me was the incredible depth to the handling and vehicle selection. It’s been long overdue, but F-Zero needs to come back on the Switch with a vengeance. While we do have Fast RMX racing, it’s just not the same. I’d love to see Nintendo partner with Sega again like they did on F-Zero GX, and we need online! How about the ability to design our own death trap courses? At the very least F-Zero GX should be re-released with a 1080p 60fps remaster, but it would be mind-blowing to get a new entry into the long running franchise. Captain Falcon does more than beat up Mario and Friends in Smash, the dude drives hard!


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