Backwards Demands: State of Emergency

Real Talk By: KJ

State of Emergency (2003)

This was a departure from Rockstar’s usual lineup.  The plot was scaled down, violence was amped-up.  State of Emergency wasn’t going to win major awards, it’s just a chaotic title.  While the visuals left something to be desired, it was for a purpose.  The trade-off was that tons of pedestrians could be seen on screen at one time.  Looting, fighting, it was impressive for the era.  SOE encourages smashing stuff, racking up points and taking it to The Evil Corporation.  SOE’s cast of characters each brought something to the table.  Weapons for every situation.  So many ways to feel like a rebel.  The arsenal variety alone made this one of the more in-depth brawlers at the time.  It would be fun to see this come back at a discounted rate.  State of Emergency was an all out war.  Bring this to PS Now also.  I gave Xbox the slight edge due to its split screen multiplayer PS2 didn’t have.




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