Retro Ranttable: What Brought you into The World of Gaming?

KJ: Hey People.  I like hearing from my friends the impact gaming has left on them.  Old school memories are usually brought to life.  It’s a hobby I thoroughly enjoy, and have no plans of stopping.  In many ways my appreciation has only grown.  Indie games have really changed the way I look at things for the better.  

I was visiting my cousins in Canada.  Walking into their room, I could see my pals playing on a SNES Super Scope, taking out enemy targets.   My eyes were opened.  Later that year I was in a laundromat.  An unoccupied Arcade Machine displayed some cool footage.  Two guys were duking-it-out in front of a huge building.  Immediately I would reach for my quarters and see what the noise was about.  This was my introduction to Street Fighter my favorite franchise ever.  Arcade Cabinets were everywhere in the early 90’s, and they kept calling my initials.

Ms. Throwback: My parents bought me a Super NES for Christmas and I woke up in the middle of the night the week of Christmas to what I now know was Super Mario World Music. They had opened it and were playing it! My sister and I snuck into the hallway every night to watch my parents play without them knowing.  We didn’t know it was for us and then they gave it to us on Christmas Day and we about lost it! The rest is epic nostalgic undeniable history written in the stars.

What situation brought you into the gaming universe?

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2 thoughts on “Retro Ranttable: What Brought you into The World of Gaming?

  1. I was a toddler. My folks let me mess around with a home Pong console, and more importantly, the Atari 2600. I was told by my Father that by age two I could tell what the cartridge labels were. I do have a lot of memories of being a kid, and playing Atari, getting Atari games, and even by the end of Elementary school when other kids had an NES, I was still enjoying the mighty 2600 when I wasn’t using the Commodore 64. We finally did get an NES in 1989, which I love using to this day. But I also replay those VCS, and C64 games often too. Which reminds me, it’s time to go fire up some Demon Attack.

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