Sweet Loading Screens Part 1

Real Talk By: KJ

Many modern games require a lot of time from the player. What adds to it is the dreaded loading screen. In this society where everything has to be instant, a roadblock between game sessions can be bothersome.  Thankfully some companies made sure waiting would be an easier process.  Here are some of the best loading screens to date.

Red Dead Revolver 

Main characters would show off their skills as you waited.  Motion captured greatness, that made waiting go by quickly.  Revolver spinning and styling as the sun set in the background.   Capcom was going to cancel this game! I couldn’t  imagine a world without Red Dead in it.


Assassin’s Creed had decent loading screens, but bayonetta would give you full access to combos unlocked.  Use this opportunity to master and put them to use in levels.  The game doesn’t let up, so this important break is definitely welcomed.

Resident Evil 

The dreaded door-load screen combo.  There was anticipation; waiting for the scene to load, and facing whatever on the other side.  The longer it took, the faster my heart used to beat. Oh my goodness, get me out of this mansion!

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

One of the early console games that required an install.  People made a massive deal out of Snake smoking.  Let the old man live how he wants.  Then again, imagine going to a midnight launch, coming home and waiting even longer to play.  MGS4 Guns of The Patriots was one of the best PS3 games all throughout the system’s life-cycle, so the waiting did pay off.


Play a bit of Fifa while you wait.  Practice various shots. Technically you’re not waiting at all, a vital part of the experience is there for you always.  A similar loading screen should really be carried over across all EA Sports games.  Forever.  For real.

Tekken 5

While Tekken 5 was booting up, Namco let players zip through a rare title.  Starblade would give fighting fans an odd diversion as they waited.  Playing the Tekken 5 Side Game Devil Within had a secret area.  If found Starblade could be played at any time.

This is just part 1. Any awesome loading screens that stood out to you? Let us know. 


tekken 5

One thought on “Sweet Loading Screens Part 1

  1. “A similar loading screen should really be carried over across all EA Sports games.  Forever.  For real.”

    Agree whole heartedly. NBA has this and it’s the perfect loading screen for these games.

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