Nintendo Switch Request: Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword

Real Talk By: KJ

Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword (2008)

One of the most underappreciated DS games to date is “Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword”. It put the stylus to work in fantastic ways. Using the pen to move, activate magic, and even fight. On paper all those commands mapped to one thin piece of plastic should have been tough to do.  Well Team Ninja made it happen! After playing a long session of Implosion: Never lose hope, i starting thinking of other Mobile action games that would translate well on a bigger screen.  If Dragon Sword doesn’t work-out, Ninja Gaiden 1&2 is always a winning combination. We know NG3 was already available on the Wii U, but the first two are the titles people hold dear.  While the DS version may have snuck deep under the radar, this doesnt change how much fun it was.  We feel it’s time Ryu Hayabusa emerge from the shadows.



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