Skipper The Review: A Challenging Pick Up and Play

It’s always pleasant when you come across a nice, carefree, and easy to pick up game.  Especially in today’s gaming landscape, where everything has a story, and most stories have more than one meaning.  With Skipper you can sit back and relax with something that simply tests your mind without trying to force too many heavy elements on you.  Games like Bejeweled and Mini Metro have always been my go-to, but I may have found a new one in the form of 2xMilk’s Skipper.


Skipper is a colorful and relaxed Puzzle Game in which your goal is to move a cube over a tiled path.  The player is supposed to avoid going over the same color of cube’s trail while unlocking gates with keys.  It starts out incredibly easy, but over time, it adds more gates, blocking walls, and more and more cubes.  It’s not entirely an original game idea, but there are some things this does add that makes it worth at least some looking into.

The soundtrack for this title, whereas small, is soothing and relaxing.  Complimenting the soft colors and the gentle vectored art style of the game wonderfully.  And with such simple controls, it’s truly a pleasant and addictive experience.  While some soundtracks can become repetitive and take away from the game, I didn’t mind these notes so much.


If there was anything left to be desired from this little game, is that it isn’t anything we haven’t seen before.  I can think of several Flash and Mobile games that have done similar game mechanics.  If it wasn’t for the art style, and the ever-increasing range of difficulty that surpasses those games, I could almost not recommend Skipper.  Thankfully, however, it is just enough of a different and interesting puzzle game to be in a category all its own.  The difficulty level is enhanced greatly as the title progresses.

This game is a fine and fun puzzle title with a high set difficulty.  Being priced at a cheap $4 makes it just that much more accessible.  I’d definitely recommend this for a quick play while waiting on a long download or waiting on some of my other projects to render.  It’s one of those titles that’s a perfect pick up and play at just the right time.


Skipper gets


3.5 out of 5


What’s Legit?

+Easy to Learn Puzzling Mechanics

+Pleasant Artstyle

+Soothing Music

+Cheap Price


What’s Perpetrating?

-A Slightly Small Amount of Levels Without DLC

-Soundtrack Can Be Repetitive

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