PS Now Request: Urban Reign

Real Talk By: KJ

Urban Reign (2005)

A game that was built for party play.  Four player fights would make use of the PS2’s Multitap.  Loads of characters with fighting styles mirroring other Namco fighting games. Tekken characters Law and Paul were also playable. The cast of characters was 60 plus.  Play through a lengthy campaign (100 missions) with tons of levels, with unique situations attached to them. what stood out to me in this deep brawler was the special moves. Tag team attacks were fun to watch, as they differed depending on the pairing of fighters. Urban Reign could’ve used a less-generic title, and stronger box art. I think those two things really hurt potential sales. A shame because this is on my all time beat-em-up list. So if Namco could add this 60 FPS title to PS Now, that would be spectacular.


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