Dead Rising 4 Launches On PS4 in December

A fitting release date considering Dead Rising 4 is centered around the holiday season.

The PlayStation 4 Port is coming December 5th, 2017.  Along with the full game, here is what is coming with this version direct from Capcom:

• All downloadable content – Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack, Frank Rising and Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf.

• All bonus content – Street Fighter Outfit Pack, My Bloody Valentine Pack, Candy Cane Crossbow, Slicecycle, Sir-Ice-A-Lot, Ugly Winter Sweater and X-Fists.

“Current Dead Rising 4 players on Xbox One, Steam and Windows 10 will receive the all-new “Capcom Heroes” mode as a free update when Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package is released.”

@PlayLegit #UglySweaters


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