What’s Good? Week of 8/9/17

Real Talk By: KJ

Hey people, we love hearing from you.  Come hangout with us! Inside our Discord server, you’ll find general discussions about everything awesome in the gaming universe:

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Ninja Theory’s PS4/PC title Hellblade is here.  Wes’ review is almost complete.  He’s been having some major issues with it thus far.  Have you purchased the game yet?  We keep hearing mixed thoughts concerning this Norse Mythology-based title.

Here’s an Old Goodie.  To Celebrate The Xbox One Backwards Compatibility of Toe Jam and Earl, let’s check out Ms. Throwback’s Review of SEGA’s classic duo.

What’s Good? Our Play Legit Picks are Highlighted.

  • PS4: Batman: The Enemy Within – Episode 1: The Enigma, ICEY, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Neon Drive, Lawbreakers, Sine Mora EX, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II 
  • Xbox One: Batman: The Enemy Within – Episode 1: The Enigma, Jump, Step, Step, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, Sine Mora EX
  • Switch: Severed, Ironcast, Phantom Trigger, Rocket Fist
  • PC: Batman: The Enemy Within – Episode 1: The Enigma, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, Lawbreakers, Sine Mora EX, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice
  • Oculus: Rez Infinite
Our Indie Spotlight shines on ICEY.  This hack and slasher has been on PC since last year, and now PS4 owners get a chance to grab it.  Brought to us by quite possibly one of the most awesome company names ever.  Shanghai FantaBlade Network Technology Co!
At The Movies: Every year several of us from the site participate in a 48 Hour Film Festival. You get two days to make an entire film.  Key elements have to be worked into the project.  A Random Genre, Special prop, Character, and assigned Line of Dialogue.  This makes things tricky trying to work within those perimeters. It’s a hectic, but thrilling experience.  We will have the finished product right here on the site asap.  The Crew at Team GWAP were tasked with making a Sports/Romance flick.  Our movie “Ready or Not” along with many other submissions, are being screened this week at the Gateway Film Center (Columbus, Ohio).

PlayLegit.Net Drop Zone

  • KJ’s Namco Museum Review Out Now!
  • Cmack The Don’s Castlevania Season 1 Review Drops Thursday.
  • Mission 3 Audio Encore Every Friday.
  • Wes’ HellBlade Review is Coming Soon!
  • Ms. Throwback’s Crazy Taxi Retro Review is on-deck.

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