What’s Good? Week of 7/26/17

Real Talk By: KJ

Hey People, I hope you’re enjoying the new and vastly improved playlegit.net! You’ll find it much easier to navigate regardless of the device in use. More categories, faster loads, and of course the Gaming/Real Talk combo is in full effect. Below we have community profiles displayed, Instagram coverage, and our fan favorite articles.

Supergiant’s RPG Pyre is out now, gaining some high scores around the web.  The long-awaited Tower Defense Game Fortnite, is good to go.  Hopefully it can live up and add some style to this popular genre.  Early reports are that it relies far too much on microtransactions.  Haggy is acquiring this title, and we will have an answer soon.  Overall, there’s plenty of choices for any system.  Let’s dive in:

What’s Good? Our Play Legit Picks are Highlighted.

  • PS4: Pyre, Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star, Super Cloudbuilt, Fortnite, Mafia III – Sign of the Times  
  • PSVR: SmashBox Arena, Tiny Trax
  • Xbox One: Fortnite, GRIDD: Retroenhanced, Super Cloudbuilt, Mafia III – Sign of the Times 
  • Switch: Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star, Overcooked: Special Edition, Retro City Rampage DX, Namco Museum, Super Sidekicks
  • PC: Pyre, Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star, Fable Fortune, Super Cloudbuilt, Fortnite, Mafia III – Sign of the Times  
  • Oculus Rift: Ancient Amuletor 

At The Movies: I’ve been anticipating this Martial Arts Flick for quite some time.  All my favorites in one movie together.  I simply cannot wait for the release of Triple Threat. 

Also, avoid Valerian. The Stars have zero-chemistry, and the movie is a hot mess.


  • Wes’ review of Persona 5 is out now!
  • Haggy’s Game of Thrones Tabletop Review is out now!
  • Mission 3 Encore: Dragon Ball FighterZ Character Wish List, Games That Need To Be Remade, and San Diego Comic Con Wrap-up
  • Rickyyyy’s GPB XD Review Coming Soon
  • Zombie Zac’s Splatoon 2 Review Coming Soon

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