Mission 3 Podcast: Characters That Annoy us

Slippy Toad, Tails, Claptrap? These are the characters who stood out, Unfortunately not in a positive way. Join Koerri Elijah, KJ, and Haggy as they give their list of perpetrators.

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Play Legit Proudly Presents:

The Mission 3 Podcast.

Tonight’s Hot Topics:

Mission 1: The Best Mobile Games (iOS/Android)

The crew gives their favorite titles, while speaking on the importance of Mobile Gaming.

Mission 2 (Agent’s Choice): Do You Care About Avatars?

You voted yes! We weigh-in. How should they be implemented?

Mission 3: Characters That Annoy us! 😠

This mission is a highlight reel of trash talk.  Picks were listed by various members of the Play Legit Community.


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