Project “C-Busters” is A Heavy Metal Tribute to Mega Man

Real Talk By: KJ

Thennecan is an artist who remains an active player in the gaming industry.  Leader of The Chilean Game Music/Audio Group Community.  He’s ready to bring his talents to a beloved Capcom franchise, and childhood favorite of his.  Next stop: Mega Man.  The goal is to fully-produce a tribute album dedicated to the Blue Bomber.  Famous Tracks from Rockman’s history to receive full Heavy Metal covers.  This is C-Busters.

The Main Goal has been completed with 15 songs confirmed.  If he can reach the next milestone however, all licensing fees will be covered.  This means 25 tracks in total.  More Mega Man Jams!  Additional physical copies and other resources would be made with your help.

For more on this Heavy Metal Tribute to one of gaming’s most iconic characters, check out the Indiegogo campaign.


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